Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Estate Planning is more than a set of instructions that tells the government who your property should go to after your death. Estate Planning is the process of understanding your unique needs and goals and creating a plan to pass your wealth, wisdom and values to your loved ones. By working with the Law Office of Kishore I. Kapoor your estate plan will address those needs and goals using an approach that makes sense to you and a strategy that you can be confident in. We begin the estate planning process for each client by taking the time to understand your unique goals and concerns, the unique dynamics of your family, and what you hope to achieve.

Whether you are looking to create your estate plan for the first time or to update your existing plan, The Law Office of Kishore I. Kapoor can help you create your comprehensive and personalized estate plan, providing you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed.

A Living Trust is a legal document that is set up during the person’s lifetime. A living trust based estate plans allow you to maintain control of your assets and protect you should you become incapacitated. One of the main benefits of a living trust is that, if carefully drafted, they reduce fees, taxes, stress, and time delays. Living trust based estate plans can even keep your family and financial affairs private and keep your estate out of probate after your death.  A living trust in Connecticut allows you to use your assets during your lifetime and securely transfer them to your beneficiaries after your death.


Our will-based estate planning services are intended for client situations that involve very simple family dynamics and smaller estates. Typical clients include young couples with few assets and older clients with little or no complication in their planning goals.

This planning is not appropriate for most of our clients, but provides inexpensive and very basic protections. Our attorneys will recommend this type of planning only when appropriate for your situation. All will-based plans will eventually have to go through the probate process which can be time-consuming and somewhat expensive.

Our will-based planning starts with an interview. The legal documents, including Wills, Power of Attorneys, and Living Wills are then drafted by an Attorney and delivered at a signing ceremony.

A health care proxy is a legal document where an individual in Connecticut can designate a health care agent to make health care treatment decisions on their behalf if they become mentally disabled and are unable to make meical decisions on their own.

It is important to consider the judgement and experience of the person you are naming as a health care proxy. Once you have selected the individual and properly executed the health care proxy, it is valuable to take the time to discuss with your agent the types of healthcare treatments you value, and what type of care you would like in the event that you are mentally disabled.

In Connecticut, a Power of Attorney is a legal document that provides authority for an individual of your choosing to manage your financial affairs in the event that you are unable to do so. The Connecticut Uniform Power of Attorney (POA) Act requires banks and other financial institutions to honor a Power of Attorney if it was properly drafted and executed.

A Living Will is a legal document that is drafted and signed while you are alive and well that instructs your physicial about your medical care during a time of a permanent coma or vegetative state.

It is important to consider the type of medical treatment you want in the event that you are in an irreversable, terminal, permanently unconcious medical condition. While it is difficult to consider, if there comes a time where you are in a permanent vegatative state, your loved ones will be thankful that you took the time to decide what type of medical care you want to have administered.

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